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Best Home Remedies For Skin Tags That Are Effective

Skin tags are harmless growths but unwanted. It is a common problem as it affects almost half of all adults. Though skin tags cause no medical complications, some skin tags can be painful or catch on clothing and can be removed using medical procedures. Some people also prefer removing them when they are in visible places like the face or neck.

Skin tags can also be removed at home or by using products available in the market for it. Removal cream is one solution for removing skin tags. Before applying this cream, the skin should be cleaned with an alcohol wipe, and the tag should be filed down. Removal cream takes 2-3 weeks for the skin tags to fall off. For this, you can buy Skincell pro, a serum for removing these moles and tags.

Tag removal bands and patches use the process called ligation that stops the blood supply to the bottom of the skin tag, as a result of which the cells die and fall off. It takes several days or weeks for the skin tags to come off. However, these are not widely recommended as they don’t work every time.

Tea tree oil can also be used as a remedy. Few drops of tea tree oil on a cotton ball can be affixed on the skin with a bandage three times a day for ten minutes. It also takes a few days or weeks for the removal of the skin tags. 

To use iodine as a remedy first, the surrounding skin should be protected using coconut oil or petroleum jelly. To spread the liquid across the tag, a Q-tip can be used, and the area should be covered till it dries with a bandage. This process should be repeated twice a day until the tag drops off. Some other cures are apple cider vinegar and cutting or clipping.

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