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Bernie Chase’s New Solo Exhibition for the Artist Imani Bilál is the Talk of the Hour

Bernie Chase started presenting the first solo exhibition at the gallery, Chase Contemporary. At this exhibition, Atlanta-based painter Imani Bilál is taking part to present her artistic works. Imani Bilál is introducing Behind the Veil: Musings of Muraqaba at this art exhibition.

Through this artwork, Imani Bilál presents new abstract works revolving around mindfulness and meditation. Bernie Chase scheduled the exhibition for different locations for the time period, July 23rd – August 29th.

First, the art show opened in the gallery’s East Hampton location for the duration, July 23rd to August 8th. Then, the exhibition traveled to the gallery’s Manhattan location for the time period, August 12th-August 29th.

Bernie Chase and his brother Marc Chase established Symbolic Motor Car in the garage in 1985. He earned a net worth of around $120 million annually by supplying vintage cars. In the early 2000s, he turned into an art dealer and established Chase Contemporary in 2017.

Chase Contemporary represents many reputed artists who present their artworks in the gallery. Apart from operating in art sales, Chase Contemporary also participates in charity.

Now, artist Imani Bilál presents Behind the Veil: Musings of Muraqaba, which focuses on the Islamic/Sufi idea of “Muraqaba” (Meditation). In simple words, it says meditation can help approach his inner self and connect with spiritual heart & soul.

Bernie Chase has a huge net worth and he takes out around $60 million annually to donate to Scripps Research Foundation and Institute for Childhood and Neglected Diseases. Apart from his net worth, Bernie Chase also contributes to charity from luxury car donations.

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