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Behnood Javaherpour, a Persian fashion designer whose love for impeccable design and style have taken him places

The name has also established its strong presence in distinct fields like art, interiors and philanthropy.

Behnood Javaherpour’s name is not new in the world of clothing, as their family’s his involvement in the textile business dates back to the time when he had not even seen the light of the day. He comes from a family hailing from Tehran, Iran, who have been involved in textiles since decades. They were the pioneers in designing and manufacturing camping equipments in Iran in the past, with his father holding the reins of the business. Her mother was also involved in the thriving textile business, in spite of being an antique dealer.

His childhood was spent surrounded by creative souls who were well versed with matters relating to creativity, and this pushed him to pursue his passion for art and design at an early age. He had started holding the ropes of the business soon enough to make him grow into a fine craftsman going ahead in life. There was a lot to learn from his family business, which he did, about different materials and fabrics and how to utilize them to their best capacity. This laid the solid foundation which turned him into one of the world’s best designers the world knows today.

Behnood moved to Italy when he was 17, and started working with the local clothing experts to hone his skills while simultaneously studying and updating his educational skills. “I learnt the tricks of the trade well while working with the local tailors and gained enough confidence to make a mark on my own,” says Behnood, who started designing outfits soon after he finished his high school. He saved enough to fund his further education at the Politecnico di Milano studying international business and then to further enhance his fashion skills joined Instituto Marangoni.

After graduation in 2005, he founded his own label Behnoode in Napoli, which has spread its wings across Italy and Middle East. His love for art further led him to establish Behnoode Art Foundation in 2016 and Behnoode Home in 2019. Today, after achieving pinnacles of success, Behnood has gone a step ahead and helping underprivileged countries by building better educational facilities which would help build a bright future for their younger generations.

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