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Baker Street Funding is Providing Attorney Funding to the US Law Practitioners

The US-based pre-settlement funding provider, Baker Street Funding LLC, is providing attorney funding to law practitioners across the country. The law firm had closed a Series A round in September to implement Attorney Funding Division. The attorney funding is allowing law practitioners to enjoy credit facilities at the cost of new litigation.

Baker Street Funding has been providing this service for more than five months now and has invested more than $30 million throughout the period.

Attorney Funding Division is helping the law firm to strengthen their relationship with attorneys. Daniel Digiaimo is the CEO at Baker Street Funding. He said that banks do not provide the valid security to the attorneys. The law firm is helping attorneys through Attorney Funding Division.

This law firm has started funding the attorneys to make the clients able to receive more enhanced service. Baker Street Funding is run by attorneys to make a legal field in all 50 states. It is getting a good response from attorneys in California, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, and Florida.

The core business of Baker Street Funding is to provide legal help to the personal injury victims. The personal injury victims do not get fair compensation from insurance companies and persons responsible for accidents. The law firm’s attorneys across the country file the personal injury lawsuit on behalf of accident victims.

The attorneys make an effort to provide adequate compensation to the accident victims so that they can cover their medical bills and other expenses.

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