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Apple and Google Working together to Restore Employees’ Access to Internal iOS Apps

Apple has come up with a statement that the company is working with Google to restore Google employees’ ability to use iPhone apps internally. The functioning of their internal iOS apps was disrupted which led people to believe both the companies that there is a strain in the relations between the two companies. Apple imposed this restriction on Google employees because the search giant violated Apple’s norms.
Apple blamed Google for collecting the users’ data by making use of its app, Sceenwise Meter. It is not for the first time that Apple has punished any tech giant. Facebook had also tried to violate the norms of Apple due to which the company put restrictions on Facebook employees. Also, Apple responded by revoking Facebook’s enterprise certificates and effectively shut down internal iOS apps used by Facebook employees.
However, soon both the companies came out with their statements regarding their patch up in this situation. Google’s spokesperson said, “We are working with Apple to fix a temporary disruption to some of our corporate iOS apps, which we expect will be resolved soon.” Following the statement from Google, the tech giant, Apple also commented by saying,”We are working together with Google to help them reinstate their enterprise certificates very quickly.”
The search engine giant, Google has been running an app, Screenwise Meter since 2012 which permits users to earn gift cards if they offered up access to their traffic and data to Google. But Apple put a condition in the form of some rules that the employees of Apple could only use beta or internal tool apps. Following the controversial use of app, Google’s other existing apps namely, Gmail, Hangouts, Google Maps also stopped working for employees due to Apple’s actions.

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