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All that you should know concerning eye conditions and their treatment

The body has different parts that are made in a unique way to perform various functions. One of the essential features of the body is the eye. The eye is the most delicate part of the body, and that serves the most critical function. It is challenging for the body to have complete harmony if one or both eyes are not functioning correctly. This reason has brought a need for educating people who have eye problems on different ways of treating the condition. Frankfort optometrist offers eye care services. Book an appointment to get more information.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye is a condition mainly caused by inadequate or poor-quality production of tears. Tears play a crucial role in maintaining the eye’s moisture. Eye drops treat dry eyes through the use of Restasis, which are drops put in the eye to boost natural tears production. An optician may also advise an individual to change their lifestyle, such as encouraging them to wear sunglasses.

Eye Exams

The eye exam is one of the ways opticians run a checkup when they encounter eye patients. The visual system is evaluated using different methods. Some of the eye exams include;

  • Retinal exams. The retina is examined using ultra-widefield retinal imaging. This method helps in showing retinal images in a single panoramic image.
  • Slit-lamp exam. This is also called a biomicroscope that shows the inner and outer eye. Great details concerning the lens, cornea, and optic nerve are achieved, helping determine treatment methods.
  • Tonometry. It is a type of exam used to measure the pressure in the inner eye. The test shows the elevated intraocular pressure that leads to glaucoma.
  • Peripheral vision test. This is a test that involves focusing on the visual targets of one eye. One of the eyes is customarily covered, and one is required to use one eye to describe what they see. This process helps to detect problems in the optic nerves.


Astigmatism is a refractive error when the cornea becomes less oval than it is supposed to be. This condition typically interferes with a light focus on the retina and the cells responsible for transforming light signals to the brain to create an image. The situation is rectified by wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Alternatively, surgery can be done to the retina to correct the condition.

Allergic Eye Problems

It is commonly known as eye allergies, and it develops when the eyes react to specific allergens; although they are not harmful to the eye, the immune system views them as dangerous to the eye. The following symptoms characterize an allergic eye;

  • An individual ends up having red eyes
  • Having excess tears in the eyes
  • An itching feeling in the eye
  • Experiencing a burning feeling in the eye and being sensitive to light

The most preferred treatment for this condition is steroid eye drops. It helps in reducing the above symptoms. Other methods are oral antihistamines, changing lifestyles, and the use of mast-cell stabilizer eye drops.

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