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All Indian Airports will now have Body Scanners Starting 2019

New Delhi – India is set to take one step further when it comes to security of its airports. All the Indian airports will now be installed with body scanners from 2019. The move has been taken in order to save clean passengers from the troubles of physical frisking.

The BCAS (Bureau of Civil Aviation Security) will soon release the technical specifications for these body scanners, and then all the airports can install the machines following these specifications. This technology, which is used widely in United States already, will help speed up the security procedure in the airports and also reduce the security manpower costs.

The trial runs for these active and passive millimeter wave body scanners have already taken place in some Indian airports. And they have been really successful. Following this trial run, full deployment will soon take place after putting forward all the technical specs.

Before this, the proposal for full transmission scanners was put forward. But the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India refused the proposal due to the harmful effects of these scanners. They emit very dangerous radiations which can be harmful for the passengers. The alternative millimeter wave body scanners are a much better option considering passengers’ safety as well.

Unlike the US scanners, the Indian scanners will be customized keeping Indian condition in mind. These scanners will be built in a way that they can penetrate through the layers of Indian clothes.

The move is taken keeping the fact in mind that the rush on airports is increasing tremendously with time. Yet, the infrastructure and manpower is still the same. These scanners will really help speed up everything and lead to passengers traveling hassle free.

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