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Age of Wonders 3 was Available on Steam for Free; Gamers Downloaded it in Large Numbers

The gaming platform, Steam had made available the strategy game, Age of Wonders 3 for free for a limited time. Steam, the premier platform for PC games is known for its easiness to use and it consistently puts free gaming titles on its platform for gamers. It is an easy game to play and even a newcomer can adjust according to the strategy involved in this game.

It is the fourth game in the series, Age of Wonders, which is based on turn-based combat and very popular among people. The game involves a lot of tactics and it is perfect for those people who enjoy hard-fought battles and strategy. After the announcement of Steam to offer the strategy game Age of Wonders 3 for free, the game lovers gave diverse reactions and downloaded the game in a huge number.

Developed by Triumph Studios, all modern standards have been satisfied by the game and it was originally released for Windows in the year 2014. The fourth game of the series has a 4X design and an emphasis on the role-playing elements has been given in the strategy game which enables it to give an even more exciting experience for gamers. One can play this game according to his preferred style of playing and due to its customization option, it allows a person to select a race from six different diverse races.

In each of the races, six different classes are provided with a unique set of skills and attributes. All these features give gamers a lot of content to explore and master this strategy game, Age of Wonders 3.

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