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2018 FIH Players of Year Awards are Awarded to Goede and Doren

LAUSANNE – Netherland’s Eva de Goede and Belgium’s Arthur Van Doren awarded with the title, International Hockey Federation’s (FIH) players of the year 2018. But no Indian player managed to make his place on the list of awardees. De Goede, 29 was named as the Female Player of the year and Belgium’s Van Doren, 24 was awarded the Male Player of the year for a second consecutive time.

In the last year, Belgium’s Van Doren received both the Player and the Rising Star of the year awards. And in the present year, Doren is bestowed with the award with other three members of his team. It has been quite surprising that since the starting of these awards, no Indian has been able to get one. This time also, there is a big disappointment for the Indian Hockey team as no award any category was awarded to any Indian player.

The other Belgium players who received awards for their exceptional contribution are Vincent Vanasch, Arthur De Sloover, and Shane McLeod. For his excellent performance in the win against the final match against the Netherlands, Vincent Vanasch was awarded Men’s Goalkeeper of the year title. Arthur De Slooever received the award of Male Rising Star of the year for his defense in matches. And last, the Belgium coach, Shane McLeod was bestowed with Male Coach of the year.

FIH President Narinder Batra shared his views on 2018 FIH awards and congratulated the players for winning awards in various categories. He said, “I wish to offer my sincere congratulations to all FIH Hockey Stars Award winners for their outstanding contributions to 2018, a special and hugely memorable year for our sport. Also, he conveyed, “to be named as the very best in the world in a chosen field, whether as a player, coach or an umpire, is an honour that recognises relentless dedication, hard work and sacrifice in order to attain such a high level.”

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